Free Investigative Podcast Training by Alibi Investigations

Alibi Investigations is providing free group online training sessions on ‘how to create an investigative podcast’

This opportunity – available for working African journalists only – includes audio production, scripting and research. 

Following the initial training will be free one-on-one sessions with participants, at their convenience, to help them flesh out their ideas and guide them towards the completion of their podcasts. 

The first training will take place on Tuesday, 26 July.  

To sign up, join the Google Group by sending an email to or by visiting  – this discussion board is where the training will be co-ordinated. Once in the group you will receive regular updates. 


  • Each participant must be linked to a newsroom that can vouch for them. 
  • Freelancers are welcome, but they need to offer up an editor’s details to be contacted.  
  • Each participant needs to come with an investigative story that they would want to explore. 

About Alibi Investigations:

Alibi Investigations are a non-profit investigative unit and training centre that focuses on producing African investigative podcasts.

Visit the website here: