Ignite Your Podcasting Journey With The Newest Issue Of ‘the Podcast Sessions Magazine

The Podcast Sessions Magazine is excited to announce the release of its latest issue, now available for FREE download. With a captivating array of content, the June edition is set to inspire and engage podcast enthusiasts worldwide.

Rodney Omeokachie, the visionary Founder of ‘the Young God’ podcast, graces the cover of this issue. Rodney’s incredible journey and insightful perspectives are sure to resonate with our readers as they immerse themselves in the world of podcasting.

The June issue builds upon the foundation set by a lineup of influential personalities who have previously graced our covers. These individuals have made significant contributions to the podcasting landscape, sharing their expertise, stories, and perspectives.

Among the notable cover features are:

– Andy Maqondwana and Zweli Mbhele, co-hosts of Netflix’s Never Late | African Time (South Africa)

– Molly Jensen, CEO of Afripods (Kenya)

– Phil Chard and Danis Dube, hosts of 2 Broke Twimbos (Zimbabwe)

– Josephine Karianjahi and Melissa Mbugua, Co-directors of Africa Podfest (Kenya)

– Simmi Areff, Founder of People of Colour Podcasts; Kgabo Legora, host of Son of a Son and Aisha Baker, host of Baked (South Africa)

Inside the June issue, readers will find a wealth of valuable content to enhance their podcasting experience. From the thought-provoking article “4 Ways To Use AI” exploring AI’s impact on podcasting, to “Navigating the Terrain & Unleashing Your Voice,” an empowering guide to finding one’s unique voice and a photo essay of the Spotify for Podcasters Masterclass in Johannesburg.

“​​This issue is a testament to the diverse and vibrant podcasting community across the continent, featuring insightful articles, exclusive interviews, and valuable resources. Whether you are a seasoned podcaster or someone exploring the medium for the first time, this issue will inspire and empower you to take your podcasting journey to new heights,” said Rutendo Nyamuda, Founder and Editor of the Podcast Sessions.

The Podcast Sessions have started a video news round up called “This Week in Podcasting / African Podcast News” – a visual news feature which will soon be incorporated in an official newsletter in June. 

Whether you’re a podcast enthusiast, creator, or industry professional, the June issue of ‘the Podcast Sessions Magazine’ is a must-read. Download your FREE copy today and embark on an enlightening journey into the realm of podcasting.

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