This Week In Podcasting / African Podcast News 2 July

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#1: Get Ready for the Spotify Greasy Tunes Cafe in Johannesburg!

Spotify is bringing Spotify Greasy Tunes Cafe to Braamfontein, Johannesburg from 1st to 31st July. Get ready for parties, masterclasses and live podcast recordings. And creators will have the opportunity to record their podcasts free of charge, while audiences can enjoy live recordings. Don’t miss out! Book now.

#2: Josephine Karianjahi Speaks at Global Media Forum in Germany 

In June Josephine Karianjahi spoke at the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum in Germany on how journalism can help to build trust. Josephine Karianjahi is the co-founder of Africa Podfest and one of the leading voices in the African podcast scene. 

#3: Entries Open for the 2023 International Women’s Podcast Awards

Entries for this year’s International Women’s Podcast Awards are now open! The awards aim to recognise and elevate the unsung heroes in podcasting, promoting equity and inclusion in the industry. Submissions close on 22 September. The ceremony will take place in London on November 6th, with a livestream available globally. 

#3: Pulse Nigeria Unveils Revamped Podcast Network, Promising Fresh and Engaging Content

Pulse Nigeria, a major digital platform with a wide audience, is relaunching its podcast network. With a focus on quality storytelling, the Pulse Podcast Network aims to explore Nigerian culture and cater to a global audience. The network will feature original and acquired podcasts, fostering new voices and pushing boundaries. Get ready for thrilling conversations and exciting content as the Pulse Podcast Network takes the podcasting scene by storm. 

#4: IT Pulse Article Weighs Up the Pros and Cons of Podcasting 

IT Pulse released an article “The Podcast Renaissance: Why Audio Content Reigns Supreme” where they explore why podcasts have become a dominant force in the media landscape, with their accessible format and diverse range of content. From their ease of production to their ability to entertain and educate, podcasts offer a powerful marketing tool. Dive into the popularity of podcasts and their potential for engagement, while considering the pros and cons of starting your own.

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