This Week In Podcasting African Podcast News 19 March

Welcome to This Week In Podcasting – African Podcast News, where we bring you the latest happenings in the world of podcasting with a focus on stories that are insightful to the African podcasting community. In this edition, we have some exciting news from around the continent.

#1: Rod the Young God Hosts a Live Listening Party 

First up, Rod the Young God hosted an amazing immersive listening party experience in Abuja, Nigeria. The event was held in partnership with the French Institute and Loud ‘n’ Silence provided Bluetooth headsets to the audience, creating a one-of-a-kind immersive experience. This was the first-ever podcast listening party powered by Bluetooth headphones for an immersive listening experience in Africa, and possibly in the world, making it a historic event.

#2 Joyride Podcast Hosting Creative Campus Workshops 

Next, the Joyride Podcast, hosted by Wanjiru Njiru-K and Ben Cyco, is partnering with ALX Africa to host Creative Campus Workshops focused on up-skilling the youth and getting them job-ready in the digital age. The workshops are designed to help students problem-solve their careers.

#3: Award-Winning Private Affairs Podcast Releases Season 2 Finale

The award-winning romantic-dramedy fiction podcast, Private Affairs Podcast, released its season two finale. The podcast covers the realities of dating across cultures as an African ex-pat in Australia and has gained a strong following. Listeners can tune in to the finale on their preferred podcast platform or listen here.

#4 Spotify Partners with Anchor and Patreon

In other news, Spotify for Podcasters has integrated with Anchor and partnered with Patreon, making it a one-stop-shop for podcast creators. Features that were once only available on Anchor have now been integrated into Spotify for Podcasters, and the app and web app have new features that help creators to market, grow, and interact with their audience.

#5: Join the African Podcast Database

Lastly, if you’re looking to discover new African podcasts or get your podcast discovered, be sure to check out the African Podcast Database by Africa Podfest. This free resource has a wide variety of topics from news, culture, narrative, comedy, and so much more. You can add your podcast and be part of the largest depository of African podcasts today.

That’s all for this week’s edition of This Week In Podcasting / African Podcast News. Join us next time as we bring you more exciting news from the world of podcasting with a focus on stories that matter to the African podcasting community.
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