This Week In Podcasting / African Podcast News 23 October

Welcome to This Week In Podcasting / African Podcast News! Here are the top stories of the week. Coming up: Trevor Noah’s “What Now” podcast launch, KaBrazen’s bilingual children’s event, Podcast Catalyst’s Cape Town event, Malawi Podcast Festival and Nigerian podcast habits.

1. Trevor Noah’s “What Now” Podcast Set to Debut on November 9th
Mark your calendars! Trevor Noah’s highly anticipated podcast, “What Now,” is scheduled to launch on November 9th. This Spotify original promises insightful conversations with influential figures across various fields.

2. KaBrazen Live Experience Celebrates Heroes Day
Last week, the KaBrazen Podcast hosted a groundbreaking live event in honour of Heroes Day. This unique bilingual children’s experience, tailored for young listeners aged 4-9, delivered captivating stories of bold African women in both English and Kiswahili.

3. Podcast Catalyst Presents “Spark the Creator” Event in Cape Town
Calling all podcasters in Cape Town, South Africa! Join the Podcast Catalyst for the “Spark the Creator” event on November 2nd. Engage in conversations with Nicole Engelbrecht, host of True Crime South Africa, and Brendan ‘Spike’ Ballantine, founder of dbo Media. Hurry, as tickets are free but limited. Register by October 26th. Register Here

4. Malawi Podcast Festival on October 29th
Get ready for an exciting event! The Malawi Podcast Festival is happening on October 29th, themed “Content Alchemy: Turning Content Ideas into Gold.” This event offers live shows, workshops, panel discussions, and valuable networking opportunities for podcasters and listeners alike.

5. Tony Doe Explores Podcast Listening Habits in Nigeria
A recent study by Tony Doe reveals intriguing insights into podcast consumption in Nigeria. Key findings include:

  • 35.8% of Nigerians listen to podcasts multiple times a week.
  • Popular genres: Society and Culture, Personal Development, and Self-Improvement.
  • Smartphones are the preferred device, with 94.2% of respondents using them.
  • Word-of-mouth and social media are primary discovery sources.
  • Audio quality is crucial, with 62.5% emphasizing its importance.

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