This Week in Podcasting African Podcast News 28 Jan 2024

Welcome to “This Week in Podcasting / African Podcast News,” where we bring you the leading stories in the podcasting world:

#1 To My Sisters Podcast Live in South Africa
Courtney Daniella Boateng and Renee Kapuku, the voices behind “To My Sisters,” are making their way to Johannesburg. Known for fostering a digital sisterhood, they’ll host a live event on February 8th. If you’re in Johannesburg, don’t miss the chance to attend.

#2 AFCON Coverage on Podcasts
Soccer fans, this one’s for you! We’ve discovered two engaging podcasts dedicated to AFCON: “World Football at AfCON” and “The African Football Showdown.” Are you tuning into any AFCON-centric podcasts? Let us know your favourites.

#3 Highlights from Podfest Global
The Podfest Expo 2024 in Orlando, Florida, was a melting pot of podcasters and industry experts, covering everything from AI to SEO. Sessions like “How to Use AI” and those featuring representatives from editing software companies, including Hindenburg and Audacity, were particularly noteworthy. Rutendo Nyamuda, the founder of The Podcast Sessions, delivered a keynote on Africa’s first pan-African podcast magazine and news website, setting a new bar in the podcasting landscape.

#4 Audio Journalism Challenges Mainstream Narratives
In a Reuters Institute and University of Oxford’s Global Journalism Seminars interview, Ramsey Tesdell of Sowt Podcasts delved into the podcast “Stories from Palestine.” He discussed the nuances of producing content in Arabic and its role in bringing depth and humanity to stories, often countering mainstream narratives.

#5 Apple Podcasts Introduces Transcriptions
Apple Podcasts is set to launch a transcription feature, greatly benefiting audiences who prefer reading episode texts, searching for specific segments, or playing from a chosen point in the episode. Details can be found here.

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