This Week In Podcasting / African Podcast News 12 May

Welcome to This Week In Podcasting / African Podcast News – the pulse of the African podcasting scene. From London’s latest podcast billboard sensation, Zambia’s hot podcast tour, impactful storytelling initiative, to a virtual meet-up and fresh podcast data, we’ve got it all covered! Stay tuned and keep podcasting!

#1 Buckle Up, London! The Receipts Podcast and I Said What I Said Are Lighting Up Leicester Square!

Prepare for a thrilling visual treat, Londoners! The dynamic trio from The Receipts Podcast – the unstoppable Tolani Shoneye, the vivacious Audrey Indome, and the brilliant Milena Sanchez, are joining forces with the powerhouse duo from I Said What I Said – the captivating Jola Ayeye and the enigmatic FK Abudu. They’ve not only conquered the podcast world but are now also staking their claim on Leicester Square!

Yes, you heard it right – they’re gracing a massive billboard in the heart of the city! This electrifying move follows the tremendous success of their live show for I Said What I Said in London. If you’re in town, you simply can’t miss this! The Receipts and I Said What I Said are quite literally painting the town red – and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

#2: Africana Woman Podcast Tour Takes Zambia by Storm

Hold onto your headphones, folks! The Africana Woman Podcast Tour is sweeping across Zambia with an unstoppable wave of success! Each session is a feverish flurry of thought-provoking dialogue and empowering discourse. The anticipation for their next rendezvous on the 26th of May (6:00 pm – 9:00 pm) is so high, it’s SOLD OUT!

At the helm of this phenomenal event is none other than the visionary Founder and Producer of Africana Woman, the dynamic Chulu Chansa. She’ll be sparking electrifying conversations with the iconic Nomsa S.MacGowan, the inspiring Sipiwe Chipalo Phiri, and the trailblazing Mwema Litana-Mbasela.

This whirlwind tour, which kicked off with a bang on April 29th, is set to conclude on a high note on the 26th of May in the radiant heart of Zambia. Fasten your seatbelts, because the Africana Woman Podcast Tour is showing us just how exhilarating and thought-provoking a journey can be!

#3: SemaBOX for IMPACT: Unleashing the Power of Storytelling for Social Change

SemaBOX, the revolutionary media tech & podcasting incubator, is taking the world by storm with their latest offering- SemaBOX for IMPACT. This brand-new service package is geared towards using the power of storytelling to fuel advocacy and spark tangible social change. Unleash your curiosity and jump right into this movement at!

#4: Afripods and Podfest Cairo Join Forces to Host a Virtual Extravaganza!

Get ready for an electrifying virtual meet-up, podcast enthusiasts! Afripods, in a thrilling collaboration with Podfest Cairo, are hosting the #AfripodsMeets virtual event on the 25th of May, right in the heart of Egypt! It’s your golden ticket to connect with fellow podcasters from all over the world. Simply click on to register and share the buzz with every podcaster you know. Let’s unite and amplify our voices!

#5: Fresh-off-the-Press Podcast Data & Insights

Get ready for an earful of the latest trends!

iHeart Media is unveiling the pulse of the podcast world with their new report, ‘The State of Podcasting‘.

Audacy is tuning in to the heartbeat of the audio world with their gripping findings, ‘The State of Audio‘.

Cumulus Media is ready to blow your mind with the most recent trends in ‘The Cumulus Media 2023 Audioscape: The State of Podcasts and Smart Speakers’.

Stay tuned, stay informed, and most importantly, keep podcasting!

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