This Week in Podcasting African Podcast News 14 Jan 2024

Welcome back to another round of audio adventures! This Week in Podcasting African Podcast News headlines are brimming with exciting news, award show drama, and fresh challenges for you to conquer. So grab your headphones, strap in, and let’s dive in:

#1: Hype Beast’s Hot Picks
Craving fresh voices from the African continent? Hype Beast Africa has curated a must-listen list of “African podcasts you need to tune into in 2024.” Dive into insightful conversations with Sincerely Accra, CNR Juta and De Beer, Si Maman M’Avait Dit, I Said What I Said, The Sandwich Podcast, Tea with Tay, Africa Tech Round-Up, 2 Broke Twimbos and Women in Bloom.

#2: Vote NowGage Awards Podcast of the Year
Awards season is upon us, and the prestigious Gage Awards – Africa’s Biggest Digital Awards – are already heating up! Cast your vote for Podcast of the Year before the polls close today, Sunday, January 14th. Will it be Toke Moments, I Said What I Said, The Honest Bunch, Road to 30 Podcast, or So Nigerian? Make your voice heard.

#3: APVA’s 1 Minute Podcast Challenge
Feeling competitive and creative? APVA is calling all podcasters to join their electrifying 1 Minute Podcast Challenge, leading up to Africa Podcast Day in February. Craft a captivating mini-episode and snag yourself a slice of the prize pie: $500 for 1st, $300 for 2nd, and $100 for 3rd! Get the lowdown here.

#4: Webby Awards Deadline Extended
The Webby Awards deadline has been extended to Friday, February 9, 2024. Don’t miss this chance to showcase your sonic masterpiece in various categories. Explore the possibilities and submit your podcast masterpiece.

#5 YouTube Podcast Power
Great news for audio-first podcasters as you can submit your podcast RSS feed to YouTube – which will upload your podcast episodes to the platform and it will automatically convert the audio file into a video using a static image of the show or episode art. More info here.

Bonus Round
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That’s all for this week, folks! Keep those mics hot, those stories captivating, and those voices reaching the world. Until next time, happy podcasting! ✨