This Week In Podcasting / African Podcast News 9 July

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#1: Rosemary’s Hitlist Podcast Launching Soon

Rosemary’s Hitlist, the true-crime documentary series about cop-turned-serial-killer Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu, has been topping charts and breaking records on both Showmax and on social media. 

For those who need more – Showmax has now launched the trailer for a four-part official companion podcast, made in partnership with True Crime South Africa – which consistently charts as South Africa’s most popular true-crime podcast. 

#2: Kabrazen Podcast Celebrates World Kiswahili Language Day

This week in honour of World Kiswahili Language Day, KaBrazen podcast launched a special bilingual episode featuring digital stories of brazen African women in English and Kiswahili.

Developed by The LAM Sisterhood and supported by ACP-EU Ignite Culture, this innovative podcast aims to promote Kiswahili language and engage children with inspiring African stories. 

#3: DWNLOAD Media To Invest in Podcast Companies 

DWNLOAD Media, a new podcast company founded by media and investment veterans, aims to invest in audio and podcast companies, emphasizing the enduring importance of content in the industry. The company has raised a seed round from Co_Made and plans to focus on content-driven investments in the US and internationally. With the podcasting landscape evolving rapidly, DWNLOAD Media seeks to provide growth opportunities and expand into areas like merchandising and live events. The company anticipates a shift in the podcasting space, resembling the dynamics of the Hollywood industry.

#4: Podcast Listeners Excited About AI

A recent Acast study on podcast listeners revealed that they have a positive sentiment towards AI. The study found that listeners are enthusiastic about AI’s potential to enhance their podcast experience. 

Key findings include support for improving sound quality, translating captions, enhancing accessibility, suggesting relevant episodes, generating informative content, and refining advertising. The study underscores the growing acceptance and interest in AI technology among podcast audiences.

#5: New funding opportunity for emerging African storytellers

Africa No Filter’s Kekere Storytellers Fund is looking for content creators including podcasters to support. They’re offering between $500 – $2000 to emerging storytellers who are already creating and publishing unique and compelling content.

To apply you must be:

  • An African based anywhere in Africa or the Diaspora.
  • Be under 35 years.
  • Be able to express yourself in English or French.
  • Have a minimum of 5000 followers across Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. 

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