Rutendo Nyamunda - Founder of Tinzwe Media and The Podcast Sessions

Welcome to “The Podcast Sessions”

The Podcast Sessions – taking you behind the mic with podcast hosts, producers and those in the industry. It’s ultimately a podcast about podcasting for podcasters.

Rutendo Nyamuda behind the Mic - Welcome to the Podcast Sessions

Welcome to The Podcast Sessions! Thank you so much for visiting the website.

I’m Rutendo Nyamuda, founder of The Podcast Sessions. I’m a journalist, by profession, whose career spans across TV production, PR and now podcasting (shoutout to “In My 20s” and “BizTakeouts”.

So you’re probably wondering why I’ve launched yet another podcast, and to be honest I can’t give you a straightforward answer. Rather, let me start with a summary of my podcast journey.

In August 2018, bright-eyed, I launched my first podcast “In My 20s” – it’s an African-millennial focused podcast which speaks to people in their 20s about life, love, work and the quarter-life crisis.

Then at the end of 2019, BizCommunity hired me to re-launch their “BizTakeouts” conversations in podcast form. The podcast is B2B focused and interviews influential people in their respective business industries.

As a result, I constantly receive messages from people asking questions like “what equipment should I buy” or “what is the best editing software” but I don’t have all the answers. So I thought, why not just interview people who are already in the game to provide insights into their practices and ultimately help individuals along their own podcast journeys.

Before you read further it’s important to understand that podcasting is so much more than equipment and editing software. It’s the creative assembly of pre-production planning, the technical understanding of equipment and software, the skill of asking questions and listening, use of music, flow, energy and ultimately, for me, the ability to captivate and connect with an audience in a personal way. Please, please, please – respect the process.

Now I’m no expert at any of the above aspects but I’m in the process of clocking Malcolm Gladwell’s suggested 10 000 hours.

Podcasting is a medium, that has so much potential to enhance the lives of individuals, communities as well as companies. And we’ve created a number of platforms where you can access the information. These include:

  • A weekly podcast – available on most podcast platforms.
  • A monthly digital magazine – subscribe to our email list to receive your copy.
  • Social media – Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

I hope these resources will provide you with the information you need to help you along your journey, to turning your podcast dream into a reality.

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