What Happens to Your Podcast When Stitcher Shuts Down?

Did you hear? Stitcher, a podcast app and website, is shutting down on August 29, 2023. But the one question podcasters are asking is “What Happens to Your Podcast When Stitcher Shuts Down?” The company cited a “changing podcast landscape” as the reason for the decision.

Stitcher was founded in 2008 and was acquired by SiriusXM in 2014. It has over 14.5M weekly users and offers a library of over 300,000 podcasts.

Although Stitcher is shutting down, its parent company SiriusXM has said that it will continue to offer Stitcher’s content through its own app. SiriusXM also said that it would be working with Stitcher’s creators to help them transition their shows to other platforms.

If you are a Stitcher user, be sure to export your listening history and playlists before the shutdown date. To do this, open the Stitcher app and go to Settings > Export My Shows. You can then save the file to your device or email it to yourself.

Once Stitcher shuts down, you will no longer be able to access the app or website. On the website, it’s stated that “SiriusXM, the owner of Stitcher, is focused on incorporating podcasts into its flagship SiriusXM subscription business”.

There’s no doubt that the industry as a whole has seen strong competition with :

1) The increasing competition from other podcast apps, such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

2) The changing listening habits of consumers, who are increasingly listening to podcasts on mobile devices.

3) The financial challenges of operating a podcast app, such as the cost of licensing content and the need to attract and retain users

Here are some tips for Stitcher users who are looking for a new podcast app to use:

– Spotify: Spotify is one of the most popular podcast apps, with a large library of content and a user-friendly interface.
Apple Podcasts: Apple Podcasts is the default podcast app on Apple devices, and it offers a wide range of features, including personalized recommendations and offline listening.
– Pocket Casts: Pocket Casts is a popular podcast app that offers a variety of features, such as a customisable interface, a sleep timer, and a listening history.
– Overcast: Overcast is a popular podcast app that is known for its clean interfaces and its smart playback features, such as automatic skipping of intros and outros.

No matter which podcast app you choose, be sure to export your listening history and playlists from Stitcher before the shutdown date. This will make it easy for you to find your favourite podcasts and episodes in your new app.