What is a Vox Pop - Shooting a Video on Site with Phone Camera

What is a Vox Pop and how can you use it when making podcasts?

So what is a Vox Pop? And how can you benefit from it? We have some answers to your questions right here.

If you’re looking for a way to make your podcast more interesting or give it a little more texture, you may want to make us of a ‘vox pop’. 

So, what is a vox pop and how can you use it to make your podcast more layered and entertaining? 

A vox pop is a tool used by traditional radio and TV to get opinions of regular everyday people to add to the conversation or news story. 

Think about it like this, you have a podcast that reviews different brands and you want to know what other people think of the brand so that your opinion isn’t the only opinion. You can take your mic, or phone, or whatever recording device you use, go out into the streets, and ask people what they think of the brand. 

The clips should ideally be about 30 seconds so that you can use about 4 or 5 in your podcast. After you have recorded the vox pops and you’ve recorded your podcast you can edit them in and have yourself a diverse, well researched and entertaining podcast episode. 

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