This Week In Podcasting / African Podcast News 26 March

Welcome to the latest edition of This Week In Podcasting / African Podcast News, where we highlight the most recent developments in the world of podcasting, with a special focus on insights relevant to the African podcasting community. In this roundup, we bring you exciting news about international festivals, a new podcast distribution platform, and our top article of the week.

#1: African Podcasters to Feature at International Journalism Festival

We’re thrilled to share that African podcasters will take the stage at the International Journalism Festival, happening in April. Ramsey G. Tesdell, CEO and co-founder of, and Josephine Karianjahi, co-founder of Africa Podfest, will join Jasmin Bauomy and Phil Maguire in a panel discussion on April 21st, focusing on “Hard access stories: why audio journalism is the solution”. Learn more about this exciting event here.

#2: Podfest Global Starts This Week

Podfest Global, one of the world’s biggest virtual podcast festivals, kicks off this week. Created by Chris Krimitsos, who was previously featured on an episode of the Podcast Sessions, the festival boasts expert speakers delivering the most recent and valuable content from both the virtual stage and backstage. The event often features speakers from across the African continent sharing their valuable insights with the world. The festival runs from March 27th to March 30th.

#3: Revolutionizing the Sound Wave

On March 24th, the Power Learn Project hosted an IG Live session featuring the amazing Molly Jensen, CEO of Afripods. During the discussion, she shared valuable insights on the impact of technology on podcasting and music production. If you missed it, you can still catch it here.

#4: Add Your Podcast to Amazon Music

If you’re searching for a new distribution channel for your podcast, consider adding it to Amazon Music, which boasts over 55 million listeners worldwide. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to expand your audience.

#5: Spotlight Read: 7 Quick Tips – How to Keep Your Podcast Interesting

Looking for ways to liven up your podcast? We’ve got 7 quick tips for you, including embracing your weirdness, trying something new, and collaborating with other podcasters. Check out the full article on the Podcast Sessions.

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