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2022 Africa Podcasting Report Launch: “Discovery Tour: Data Edition” Presented by Africa Podfest and Baraza Media Lab 

2022 Africa Podcasting Report Launch: “Discovery Tour: Data Edition” Presented by Africa Podfest and Baraza Media Lab Africa Podfest and Baraza Media Lab have partnered to launch a series of reports on podcasting in Africa in 2021. This collaborative project seeks to surface crucial information and insights to support investment in innovative business models within the podcasting industry, which is showing tremendous potential. Building on the 2021 Baseline Study “ Is This Mic On?”

Through this project our objective is to develop a baseline understanding of the trends in African podcasting from which to frame further programming; and to use reliable data to map the potential of and make a strong case for further investment in African podcasting. The study has continued into 2022 with the Discovery Tour: Data Edition – a mixed methods research study combining a qualitative and quantitative approach to podcasting in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. 

From our previous research, we have learned that one important missing piece which is needed to grow the podcasting industry is reliable information that aids podcasters and ecosystem supporters to make good decisions. The most frequently asked question by podcasters in our community and innovators who are seeking to expand the podcasting medium is about the potential sustainability of podcasting. Podcasting  is a crucial growth opportunity for Africa’s creative economy, potentially providing sustainable employment for millions of youth. 

The aim in this second phase of research was to better understand the growth and sustainability of African podcasting in three leading African podcasting markets – Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. The research question being addressed is “What does growth and sustainability for African podcasting mean?” During the project, we have been able to uncover podcast themes, needs and perceptions of podcasters, audience engagement and motivations driving podcast growth in three of Africa’s largest podcast markets – Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. 

The Research Event – December 2021

Africa Podfest and Baraza Media Lab are organizing a town-hall event to launch the Phase 2 research reports which will be available through a dedicated website. The event aims to raise awareness of the groubreaking collaborative research into African podcasting and will centre on presentations of the research findings and an open discussion on the same. Through this event, we will directly engage with pioneer African podcasters, enablers and decision-makers in the African and global podcast and media ecosystem to share the research findings, garner feedback from the stakeholders and build support for the research initiative.

This virtual event will be held on Thursday 12th May 2022 at 3:00pm -5:00pm (EAT). Zoom Sign Up: link 

About Africa Podfest:

Africa Podfest is a woman-led Kenyan-based community-driven company which launched the very first Africa Podcast Day as a virtual event on February 12, 2020. Co-directed by Melissa Mbugua and Josephine Karianjahi, the company invests in our own value as Africans by inspiring and elevating African podcasters. Our vision is to create a sustainable and inclusive podcasting industry across Africa. We serve the under-resourced voices who are opening space for freedom in society including youth, low-income communities, women, activists, LGBTQA+ people and people with disabilities. 

Although Africa Podfest as a company began with an annual event and it has since grown into a community platform with year-round programming in two years. We run an annual international podcasting festival, carry out original research, maintain the African podcast database, host regular events and tell stories of African podcasting through our newsletter, blog and social media. Learn more on our website:

About Baraza Media Lab:

Baraza Media Lab is a new and exciting space for networking, collaborating, and experimenting among Kenya’s media practitioners such as journalists, bloggers, writers, artists, podcasters, filmmakers, animators and other cross-disciplinary collaborators.

We provide the space and resources needed to enable media and entrepreneurs to collaborate, innovate and drive the growth and capacity of independent media. 

By supporting collaborative storytelling ideas, methods, and delivery platforms; raising the skill and capacity of media practitioners; and providing an environment for new business models to emerge, we aim to build a community of like-minded media practitioners committed to acting in the public interest.


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Author: Africa Podfest and Baraza Media Lab