8 Ways to How to Grow Your Podcast Organically

So, you’ve launched your podcast, and you’re grinding away, creating content you’re passionate about. But now, you’re peering over the horizon, eager to grow your audience. As the old saying goes, “If you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done before.” Well, gear up for an adventure because here are 10 strategies to grow your podcast audience. Just a note – you don’t have to tackle all of them at once – pick two or three, do them consistently, and then circle back to this guide to experiment with a few more.

Before we dive in, let’s roll out the red carpet for Fhulufhelo Laurinda Maseko from the “Pretty Big Life” podcast, who requested this guide. Okay, let’s get into it. 

Consistency is Queen
Like your favourite TV show, your podcast needs a regular airing schedule. Whether it’s weekly, biweekly, or daily, consistency keeps your audience hooked and hungry for more. It’s like baking a pie – regular heat ensures a delicious outcome, not a half-baked one!

TikTok, Your New BFF
While Twitter, IG are great platforms – TikTok and YouTube are really where the game changes. TikTok, in particular, is a goldmine for discovering new podcasts. Why? Its algorithm is like a matchmaker, introducing your podcast to listeners who didn’t even know they needed it. Meanwhile, YouTube lets your voice be seen and heard, adding a visual punch to your audio content. Also, don’t neglect that good old Facebook, there are so many podcast groups where you can network and share your podcast.

PodOver [Podcast Crossover]
Think of it as guest starring on your favourite sitcom. Collaborating with other podcasters is like cross-pollination in a vibrant garden of content. It introduces your voice to a whole new audience and brings fresh perspectives to your show. Plus, it’s a networking nirvana!

Seriously Entertaining Outreach
Just kidding, SEO does not stand for Seriously Entertaining Outreach but it could. Making use of Search Engine Optimisation aka SEO is like sending out a beacon for your podcast in the vast sea of the internet. Use relevant keywords, craft catchy titles, and create compelling descriptions. Remember, Google loves content that others find valuable, so make your podcast the treasure that tops search results.

Trending Topics
Keeping an ear to the ground for trending topics is like catching a wave at the right moment. It propels your podcast forward with the momentum of public interest. This doesn’t mean chasing every fad, but rather, integrating relevant trends into your content strategy. Whether you decide to tackle a topical story that first your podcast or jumping onto a social media trend in a podcast way this will certainly keep you on your feet. 

Engage, Engage, Engage
Audience engagement isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the bread and butter of podcast growth. It’s about creating a community around your content. Encourage listener interaction through calls to action, respond to comments, and maybe even feature listener questions in your episodes. Think of your audience as co-pilots on your podcast journey.

Pen Your Thoughts
You’ve done the research and gained a wealth of knowledge – why not channel this into writing a blog or article? Base it on an episode, a fascinating aspect of your production, or any golden nugget from your podcasting journey. Share these written gems on social media or get them published. The Podcast Sessions would love to feature you –pitch your story idea here.

It’s not just about showcasing your expertise; it’s a savvy strategy for leading people to your podcast. In your writing, cleverly weave in references and links back to your episodes. Imagine the thrill of seeing your own article published – it’s not only a nod to your expertise but also a fantastic beacon, guiding new listeners to the treasure trove of your podcast.

Keep Learning
Podcasting is like playing a video game – there’s always a new level to conquer! Keep your skills sharper than a comedian’s wit by continuously learning. Experiment with new formats, editing equipment or social media content. Attend workshops or events, and listen to other podcasts (not just for snooping but for inspiration), and soak up feedback like a sponge. Every episode is a new adventure waiting to be produced. 

Remember that organic growth is a marathon, not a sprint. It requires patience, persistence, and passion. Celebrate small victories, learn from setbacks, and keep moving forward. 

Now, we’re turning the mic over to you. DM us and let us know what topics you’d like us to cover next. And if you know of of any podcast news we should be covering definitely let us know.