A Toast to Africa Podcast Day with Afripods

As the 12th of February approaches, podcasters across Africa are gearing up to celebrate Africa Podcast Day, a hallmark event dedicated to the dynamic world of podcasting on the continent. This day, launched by Africa Podfest co-directors Josephine Karianjahi and Melissa Mbugua, is about is set to be marked by a series of events, showcasing the talent and diversity that African podcasting has to offer.

Afripods recently announced an exciting lineup for their virtual celebration of the day. The roster features notable personalities such as Molly Jensen (CEO of Afripods), Ben Cyco (Joyride Podcast), Rodney Omeokachie (Young God Podcast), Gift Israel (Glitch Africa), among many others, promising an event filled with insightful discussions, entertainment, and networking opportunities.

The celebration, which will take place on YouTube, is an invitation to all podcast enthusiasts, creators, and listeners to come together and experience the richness of Africa’s podcasting culture. It’s an opportunity to explore new topics, discover new voices, and celebrate the achievements of podcasters across the continent.

Let us know how you’ll be celebrating Africa Podcast Day, so we can amplify your celebration on The Podcast Sessions.