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Africa’s First Podcast Magazine releases another trailblazing issue

Africa’s first pan-African podcast magazine The Podcast Sessions has released another unforgettable issue featuring Molly Jensen, CEO of Afripods, on the cover.

The February / March issue of the bi-monthly publication provides a platform for podcasters, podcast enthusiasts and industry leaders across the continent to share their knowledge, experiences and expertise. 

This marks the 8th issue of the publication which launched in 2020. Founder and editor Rutendo Nyamuda, stated that this is the year to be brave and bold with content creation. 

“I’m incredibly excited about this issue as it sets the tone and standard for all upcoming issues of the magazine. Our last few issues have all been original covers as we believe there are incredible ways to tell stories through visual, audio and written content,” she said. “Molly Jensen is an incredible leader, with an amazing story and there is no one I could have imagined featuring on the cover of our first issue of this year,” added Rutendo.  

In this issue readers can look forward to a refreshing perspective on “The Power Of Podcasting As A Means For Journalism & Social Justice. In this article, Bidemi Adeire, the founder of the Association of African Podcasters, points out a groundbreaking use for podcasting as a means for true, authentic and undiluted advocacy. Technology has developed in such a way that we can access news in real time and access unfiltered information from ordinary citizens. 

The magazine features an article from Elna Schütz, founder of Podmeet, where she provides tips on how to enhance episodes by incorporating sound. You can find tips about using audio diaries and vox pops,  archive or found sounds, music, some of her examples and a breakdown on how to make those recordings. 

The feature “the Science of Podcasting” – from Anne Chisa, award-winning science communicator, STEM advocate, host and founder of The Root of the Science podcast – showcases a unique way of dissecting a podcast. She goes into detail about the origins of podcasting, the genres as well as provides a scientific breakdown on the ‘location’, ‘methodology’ and ‘apparatus’ needed for making a podcast. 

We all want to know how we can turn our passions and interests into a sustainable living. Kevin Y. Brown, chief Content Officer and Head of Strategy at Afripods, shares with us how to do exactly that. In his article titled ‘How To Make Money In This Industry’ he gives us 10 ways to monetise a podcast. 

Our standing feature “10 Questions With…” profiles podcasters allowing readers to see a different side of the people behind the mic. In this issue we profile Anthony Onwuchekwa aka Tony Doe where he expands on why he decided to become a podcaster, shares advice  on what he wishes he knew prior to starting as well as insights into the equipment he uses. 

For those looking for new podcasts to listen to you’ll definitely want to check out the ‘On Our Playlist’ page where curators of the playlist introduce readers to podcasts they need to listen to. 

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