Celebrating Women’s Voices in Podcasting

In celebration of International Women’s Month, The Podcast Sessions Magazine is excited to announce the launch of its very first All-Women’s Issue: Give Her, Her Flowers. This issue is more than just a magazine; it’s a movement, a testament to the resilience, creativity, and indomitable spirit of women across the world. This edition is dedicated to every woman who has dared to use her voice, share her story, and inspire a generation.

The issue officially launched on International Women’s Day, 9 March, and was accompanied by a spectacular video tribute to women.

“For the last few years, The Podcast Sessions has stood as an essential cornerstone of the podcast industry, providing news and insights that resonate deeply with our audience. The magazine format allows us to amplify and spotlight stories in a uniquely beautiful way, giving voice to those who are shaping the future of podcasting. This latest issue, ‘Give Her, Her Flowers,’ is a testament to our commitment to showcasing the diverse and dynamic voices that make the world of podcasting so vibrant. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to delivering content that not only informs but inspires, challenges, and celebrates the podcast community worldwide,” said Rutendo Nyamuda, Founder of the Podcast Sessions Magazine.

We’re also thrilled to highlight LUSH as a sponsor for this issue. Their support has been instrumental in bringing these powerful stories to the forefront, underscoring a shared commitment to elevating women’s voices and stories.

In This Issue:
Our historic issue is packed with incredible, thought-provoking, and educational content from around the world. Highlights include: Founders Corner with JJ Ramberg, co-founder of Goodpods; “Female, Nigerian and Feminist”; “The Collective Power of Women’s Voices”; “Harnessing Technology for Change”; transitioning your podcast from “Hobby to Business”; and much more.

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As we prepare for our next issue, themed ‘Business, Technology and AI’, we welcome opportunities for sponsorship, advertising, product giveaways, and partnerships. Contact us at rutendo@tinzwemedia.com to explore how we can collaborate.

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