International Women’s Month – Give Her, Her Flowers

It’s that time again! The latest issue of The Podcast Sessions Magazine is here, and it’s a game-changer! Perfectly themed “Give Her, Her Flowers” – this month, we’re celebrating women with our first-ever All-Women’s Issue.

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This issue is brimming with content designed to elevate your podcasting journey with articles like: “Female, Nigerian and Feminist”, “The Collective Power of Women’s Voices”, “Harnessing Technology for Change”, and so much more.

Many thanks to everyone who was part of this issue!


Founder, Editor and Designer: Rutendo Nyamuda
Subeditor: Shereen Goosen


  • JJ Ramberg 
  • Amanda Mudeg
  • Rumbi Dube
  • Cynthia ‘Tasha’ Osajibenedict
  • Gathoni Ngumba
  • Andisiwe Michelle May
  • Aggie Patricia Turwomwe
  • Chulu Chansa
  • Melissa Mbugua
  • Angela Machua

Celebrating Women Video:

Producer: Rutendo Nyamuda
Editor: Anel Wessels


  • Awino Awiti, Unspoken Podcast 
  • Paula Sima Mulamula – Talk Shit With P 
  • Lilly Bekele-Piper, Selam & Hello
  • Tonye Faloughi-Ekezie – Special Mums Africa 
  • Andisiwe Michelle May – Head of Production Volume Podcasts 
  • Chulu Chansa, Founder of Africana Woman
  • Amanda Mudege – Co-Host It’s Layered 
  • Rumbi Dube – Co-Host It’s Layered 
  • Cynthia ‘Tasha’ Osajibenedict – Dear Naija Girl, Host
  • Aggie Patricia Turwomwe – ON Uganda Podcast Host
  • Rutendo Nyamuda – Founder of The Podcast Sessions 
  • Gathoni Ngumba – Afripods, Community Manager 

We hope you enjoy this very special issue!