Five Major Updates to Apple Podcasts in iOS 17

As Apple pulls the curtain off iOS 17, it brings with it a cartload of cool updates to the Apple Podcasts app. If you’re a podcast enthusiast, buckle up as we take you on a whirlwind tour of the top updates that are about to rock your podcast world!

1: Now Playing and Queue Interfaces Get a Major Facelift

Remember the old Now Playing screen? Well, you can forget it because Apple has totally jazzed it up! The new dynamic background doesn’t just look sleek – it’s a visual spectacle that puts your podcast’s art front and centre. And the Queue? It’s no longer just a list; it’s your personal command centre, giving you all the control to shuffle, reorder, or clear episodes. Navigating your favourite podcasts has never felt so smooth!

2: Say Hello to Episode Art: Who said podcasts are only for ears?

Apple introduces Episode Art to add a punch of visual pizzazz to your listening experience. Each episode now has its own unique artwork – think fun graphics, stunning photos, or quirky illustrations. These visuals will pop up not just in the Now Playing screen, but also the Lock Screen, Control Center, and even in link previews in other apps. Each episode now promises a feast for your eyes as well as your ears!

3: Supercharged Search Filters

Apple Podcasts’ search function is going turbo! With the new-and-improved search filters, finding your next podcast obsession is a cinch. Plus, search results now come with all the nitty-gritty details like how much time remains in a partially played episode. It’s like having a personal assistant who knows your podcast habits inside out.

#4: Unleashing the Power of App Store Subscription Integration

Get ready for the biggest crossover event in Apple Podcast history! iOS 17 allows you to connect your eligible App Store subscriptions to Apple Podcasts. This means you can jump seamlessly from Bloomberg news to your calming bedtime stories on Calm, without missing a beat.

#5: The Ultimate Apple Music and Apple News Collaboration

Hold onto your headphones for this one, because Apple Podcasts, Apple Music, and Apple News are joining forces! If you’re an Apple Music or Apple One subscriber, you now have VIP access to a treasure trove of Apple Music radio shows. For the news junkies, Apple News+ or Apple One subscribers can now enjoy professionally narrated audio stories from leading magazines and newspapers. It’s an all-access pass to a wealth of audio content.

These exciting new features, coupled with numerous performance enhancements and bug fixes, promise to make your podcast listening experience not just better, but truly extraordinary. So sit tight, the developer beta version is already out and the public beta is hot on its heels.

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