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In Case You Missed It (July Recap)

In case missed it, here is a podcast news roundup from the month of July.

Spotify’s new feature – “What’s New” 

With Spotify’s “What’s New” feature, it’ll be easy to stay up-to-date on the latest releases from your favourite shows and artists.

The What’s New feature allows subscribers to always be updated on all on their favourite podcasters’ latest episodes. Moreover, it’s updated in real-time, so they’ll get to hear the latest content as soon as it is uploaded.  

Radio Days Africa 2021: Audio Amplified

Africa’s biggest radio conference, Radio Days Africa, takes place every year. The conference ran virtually from 5 to 16 July and featured online webinars sessions. 

Radio Days Africa is an annual conference created to engage, educate, and challenge participants around the various aspects of the radio business, in an African context. Radio Days Africa also benefits from being a partner event of Radio Days Europe by learning about international trends.

On one of the last days of the conference, one of the sessions titled “The RDA Fringe: Podmeet – which focused on amplifying audio through podcasting, voice Overs and the power of language” . Founder of Podmeet, Elna Schütz, and Lesser Known Somebodies’ Simmi Areff, were some of the speakers on the session. 

“Guardians of the River” Wins Award

The Guardians of the River Podcast won an award for the 2021 Best Narrative Non-fiction Podcast at the Tribeca Film Festival.

There are many rivers that form the Okavango water system, which stretches across three countries in Africa, carrying some of the best-known species of wildlife. These guardians are faced with the task of trying to guard a remote and near-pristine ecosystem that is under constant threat. This podcast tells the story of what happens worlds meet, and they are all working towards a common goal: protecting the Okavango water system. 

The Podthon ‘21

As the only virtual podcasting conference featuring speakers of colour in its third year, Podthon ’21 will focus on diversity in the sector. Women of Colour Podcasters and Asian American Podcasters Association teamed up to offer podcasters a platform to share their knowledge and speak to a mentorship panel in 2019. Podcasters attending Podthon will have the opportunity to network and interact with industry leaders through a two-day virtual event. In addition to its excellent content and close and supportive community, the conference is widely regarded as one of the top events to discover upcoming stars of the industry; its speakers perform on the largest stages around the world.

This event will be taking place on July 17-18, 2021, from the comfort of your own home. 

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