In Case You Missed It (June Recap)

In case you missed it, here is your exclusive June podcast roundup.

#Podcaster Showcase

On June 4th Africa Podfest was launched with the aim of putting local African podcasters on the map by placing a spotlight on their exceptional works. Individuals looking for a space to share their own podcasts or interact with like-minded individuals are encouraged to join this community. Individuals are also granted access to fellow podcasters with whom they can interact weekly and engage. Better yet, this platform knows no geographical boundaries as it is accessible throughout the continent of Africa – from Gambia to Zimbabwe to Cameroon. For 12 weeks, 12 podcasters share the beginnings of their podcasting careers, alongside their personal triumphs, mistakes, and lessons learned.

International Women’s Podcast Awards 2021

The International Women’s Podcast Awards are breaking boundaries, infiltrating a male-dominated industry and showcasing the incredible work of women across the continent. This annual award ceremony looks to challenge existing gender-based barriers, as well as honour and recognize the unsung podcast hosts, producers, writers, and editors whose works have yet to be seen and appreciated by the world. 

In order to raise the profiles of female podcasters and honour their work, Naomi Mellor, founder of The Skylark Collective, launched this global event to celebrate and promote the work of female podcasters.

According to the company’s organisers, podcasting is a beautiful platform given its very nature and ability to instantly create a level of intimacy. The atmosphere that’s created between the host and their guests is palpable, honest and humorous in a way that instantly attracts listened.  

These awards celebrate the inspirational moments that bring podcasts to life – as well as the women who conceive and execute them. This ceremony is open to any podcaster who identifies as a woman or non-binary, no matter how many downloads they have. According to Skylark Collective, if they have captured audio clips which embodies themselves, their guests, or audiences to perfection, then they deserve an award.

The Podfest Expo Live Event

The Podfest Expo is an up-and-coming international conference and convention for individuals who are deeply passionate about sending their voices and messages out into the world through audio and video. This expo aims to bring people together in order to learn, inspire and grow towards becoming better people.

The Podfest Expo goes far beyond becoming another industry conference. Podfest events are known for their cutting-edge content, engaging speakers, and interesting topics. However, what sets them apart from their competitors and helps establish them as industry innovators is the tight-knit community they have built over the years. 

They are built on the promise of having something for everyone, from podcast newbies to veteran podcasters looking to improve their skills. This year’s event took place on June 10-13 at Hilton Orlando Resort and laid the foundations of what will become a fruitful podcasting journey.

Aclass: Black Voices

On Thursday, June 3, black podcasters and podcast industry workers were invited to Aclass: Black Voices —  a free online event hosted by Acast. A number of established podcasters have grown their audience and even monetized their podcasts with the help of Acast’s podcast hosting, advertising, and analytics. 

The topics of discussion at this event were centred around the experiences of black podcasters within the industry. 

Yolanda Sangweni, Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown, and DeRay Mckesson were some of the speakers who discussed their experiences with podcasting. Not only were their insights incredibly sobering but motivating for those looking to infiltrate this space!

Apple Podcasts Subscription Now in Full Swing

In April, Apple announced that it would soon be offering Apple Podcasts Subscriptions. Following a slight delay, these state-of-the-art features were later launched on June 15th, 2021. With these new technological advancements, podcast creators can offer their shows as either premium or freemium subscription products via Apple Podcasts. 

Subscribers can also buy a subscription for individual shows or groups, and the podcast creators can set their own subscription price. The feature is available worldwide! 

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