The Surprising Reason Why Show Notes Might Be More Important Than the Podcast Itself

Welcome to another edition of “Terms Tuesdays”! In this episode, we’re going to discuss an often-overlooked aspect of podcasting that could make or break your show’s success: show notes.

While many people consider show notes to be a mere add-on to their podcast, the truth is that they can be just as essential (if not more so) than the podcast itself. Show notes provide a treasure trove of information and resources that can enhance the listening experience and promote the podcast in ways that the podcast alone cannot.

Here are some reasons why show notes are vital:

  1. Show notes can include links to resources mentioned in the podcast, time-codes for different segments of the show, and other helpful information that can significantly improve the listener’s experience.
  2. They can also help improve the search engine optimisation (SEO) of your podcast by including relevant keywords in your show notes.
  3. Additionally, show notes can be a valuable resource for podcast creators by including links to social media accounts, discussion forums, or other channels where listeners can interact with the podcast and each other.

So, how can you create effective show notes? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Listen to your podcast episode and identify the key points, topics, and resources mentioned in the episode.
  2. Create an outline that includes a brief summary of the episode, the names of the hosts and guests, and the main topics and subtopics discussed in the episode.
  3. Add timestamps to indicate when a new topic or section begins in the podcast episode, allowing listeners to jump to a section they’re interested in quickly.
  4. Include links to any resources mentioned in your podcast episode, such as books, websites, or other podcasts, in your show notes.
  5. Use relevant keywords in your show notes that relate to the main topics and themes discussed in the episode, but avoid overusing them to avoid making your show notes look spammy.
  6. Review and edit your show notes for accuracy and clarity. Make sure that all links are working correctly and that your timestamps are accurate.

Show notes can make or break a podcast’s success, and they are often overlooked by podcasters. By following the above steps, you can create informative and effective show notes that will enhance the listening experience and promote your podcast. You can also add this to your podcast goals for the year.

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