If you had to google audiogram without context you would find medical graphs used to test a person’s hearing. In podcasting, that definitely is not what we use audiograms for.

In podcasting we use audiograms to market our podcasts on visual platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and maybe twitter. Audiograms typically would be an image of your podcast, be it a graphic design you’ve created with the information of your podcast, or just a selfie if you aren’t there yet, and over the image you would include an audio snippet.

The audio snippet would be an interesting part of your podcast, or a trailer of what to expect in your next episode. The audiogram typically should be between 30 to 60 seconds, enough to give your audience enough information but also to get them interested in listening to the full podcast.

Audiograms are a great way to market your podcast on various platforms and get new listeners who may have not even been interested in podcasts in the first place.

Always try to make sure the image is interesting enough to make people want to click and listen and that you include the really interesting, ‘juicy’ parts of your podcast.