As podcasts keep doing their thing and being all cool and stuff, creators are stuck on one thing: what’s the ideal podcast length, right? Well, has some wisdom to drop on us, and it turns out the perfect duration isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal.

Quick Hits: Why Mini-Episodes Are Tops

So, if you’re always on the move, short podcasts are your jam. Anything under 20 minutes is perfect for squeezing into your commute, workouts, or that quick coffee break. Think news bites, daily tips, or a story that packs a punch – short, snappy, and easy to digest.

And here’s the bonus: short episodes are a win for creators too. They’re quicker to make, letting you try out more releases and stay on the radar in this crazy fast digital world.

Going Big: When Deep Dives Matter

But hold up, don’t ditch the longer episodes just yet. Sometimes you need more than 15 minutes to really dig into juicy topics. Longer podcasts can build your street cred, earn trust with listeners, and create a cool community vibe.

For those into stories, deep dives into history, or chats with big brains, extended episodes hit the sweet spot. The people tuning in for these are after some real talk, and that’s how creators build their dedicated followings.

So, What’s the Perfect Length?

According to Riverside, “For the best results, we recommend that a podcast be 20 to 40 minutes long in 2024. But if you can make the podcast interesting enough, feel free to go beyond this limit.”

Basically, it’s not about the clock ticking away – it’s about making content that rocks. Whether you’re dropping a quick news update or diving into an hour-long chat, just focus on dishing out awesome, engaging stuff that clicks with your crew.

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