This Week in Podcasting African Podcast News 22 Jan 2024

Welcome to This Week in Podcasting / African Podcast News, and here are our top stories of the week:

#1: Register for the Africa Media Festival
Africa Media Festival The Africa Media Festival is returning for another exciting year, bringing together innovators, investors, creatives, and podcasters from across the continent. Scheduled for the 21st to 22nd of February in Nairobi, Kenya, this event is a must-attend if you’re in the area.

#2: Podcast listening Party in Nigeria with Rodney Omeokachie
Listening Party in Nigeria Renowned podcaster Rodney Omeokachie hosted his inaugural listening event of the year, themed “The Body.” The event drew a packed crowd, as usual, providing attendees with a multi-sensory story experience featuring dance, conversations, and podcast listening.

#3: Podcast and Ai Newsletter
Free Podcast Newsletter Courses While numerous newsletters are making the rounds, if you’re into audio, podcasting, and AI, Develop Audio has introduced two free podcasting newsletter courses. One covers Investigative Podcasting and the other delves into Branded Podcasting.

#4: Apply for this Podcast Award
Awards Disctopia’s TruePlay Innovation Podcast Award is now accepting submissions. Open to all podcast genres and themes, the focus is on innovation, engaging content, and impactful delivery. The grand prize is $5000, and submissions close on the 17th of March.

#5: Would you watch a TV show based on a Podcast?
Hub Entertainment Research’s new report, “Can You Hear Me Now?,” provides intriguing insights into whether viewers would watch a TV show based on a podcast. According to a press release featured on Podnews, 50% of those surveyed expressed interest in watching a new TV show based on one of their favorite podcasts. Additionally, 47% mentioned that listening to podcasts had helped them discover new TV shows.

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